What is a Red Tent Life?

In the before times…women were relegated to the red tent during their menses and pregnancy because they were “unclean” and needed to be separated from the men. After the AMAZING book by Anita Diamant, people started using the red tent in reference to the world of childbirth. (Seriously go read it!)
But let’s think for a minute about what it must have been like in those tents? Did they sit around talking about birth? Maybe. Some of the time. More than likely though, they talked about everything. Life. Kids. Growing up. Growing old. Birth. Death. The MEN. The WINE!! All. Of . The. Things.
So let’s declare that we’re living a Red Tent Life and talk about all the things that matter to us. Will there be birth stories? Absolutely!! Will there be stories about the struggles of infertility? Of course! Will there be stories about the sadness and joy that comes with menopause? You bet!
Everyone is welcome in our tent. We just ask that you be respectful of others experiences and situations. No shaming allowed. Violaters will be removed post haste. And since you won’t want to miss the fun… you should probably just grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and join us! And listen to the Red Tent Life Podcast on RedTentLife.com!!
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Follow us for bi-weekly podcasts on topics that matter to women. Have an idea for an episode? Want to be a guest? Contact us! We'd love to hear from you!

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